visual perceptions of Everyday Dubai, design & concept by Zena Adhami; A graphic artist residing between Dubai & San Francisco. you can contact me at
Everyday Dubai
day 58, FEELS LIKE 50: a visual perception of todays weather. 
day 57, STAIR#4: a visual perception of parking one at emaar boulevard, stair #4. an interesting underground experience to the city of Dubai. 
day 56, PERSPECTIVE: It has been a while since I worked on my Everyday blog, I have been busy with my students and developing new projects. I appreciate my followers and I thank you for supporting my work and love for both cities, Dubai and Jordan. I am currently in Dubai on vacation, and the city never stops to inspire me. 
PERSPECTIVE is a visual perception of looking at things from a different perspective. We are sometimes caught up by our goals and we forget to try and change the direction to that goal. 
Everyday Madaba
day 55, BUILDING PATHS: a visual perception of one of those typically slow fridays. some of you know, I am living in Madaba, Jordan for the time being, and missing Dubai dearly. This work reflects how sometimes we can go out of our comfort zone, and explore something new. 
To my amazing followers, will be launching a new diary Everyday Madaba ( will keep you posted on that. Wanted to thank you all for your great support!
day 54, the sea: a visual perception of the jetty @royal mirage. the place is overlooking the sea, a beautiful view (must see). 
day 53, MOVING: a visual perception of my current situation, moving houses. It’s no fun to move, but can definitely involve design and art to visualize moving boxes. 
day 52, TURNING CIRCLES: a visual perception of Souq Nayef in Dubai, kept turning in circles and couldn’t figure a way out, however being surrounded by fabrics and patterns made the ride a lot easier. 
day 51, IF ONLY: a visual perception of mountains facing a lake… if only we have that in Dubai. 
day 50, WOODEN DOORS: a visual perception of wooden doors displayed in khan murjan, wafi mall.